New Banner Images

I like picking out banner images that try and capture the essence of what this site is about, but I’m often torn between one image and another. Why choose? So I cycle through them randomly. I got the idea from Keep the Rubber Side Down. I’m not sure if Rick does it automatically or manually, but the images are always changing, and it seems to freshen up the sight. I had the problem of arranging the title, subscribe buttons and logo, and with a little coding and a couple headaches I got things working. I have seven different images up so far, but I am combing through my archives to find more. Hope you like’em. Here are the direct links for all the different banners:

Also, if you experience anything looking weird or off, please let me know. I tried to account for all the different browser’s idiosyncrasies.

  • Sven

    Hey Atlas,

    I thought you were asking us to choose – I was going to say why not just rotate them then I realised you were.

    Good idea!

  • lpotter86

    Awesome choice of pictures. West Texas = Fav.

  • steelhorseclub

    I like west Texas and the devil’s highway the best.

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