New Atlas Rider Logo

How do you like the new logo? I was getting sick of my old banner and wanted to spruce things up in my banner. The background image was taken in at 14,000 feet in Colorado on Mt. Evans. An amazing ride that I’ll never forget. It was like entering a new world. Riding alongside clouds makes you feel like you are flying.

Sierra, a friend of mine, designed and drew the logo for me. I messed around with ideas for a month or so myself with nothing I was satisfied with. After telling her “I want a globe, like the one Atlas holds and a motorcycle in it” she came up with this which I instantly loved. She’s an incredibly talented artist with no shortage of inspiring work. You can check her out on her work here:

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  • Kano

    I love the logo! And what a great Blog you’ve got going here. My surfing time is limited but I’ll be back to spend more time around here. I’ve added a link to “Atlas Rider” on my Blog. I know my readers are going to love this. Keep up the good work!

  • Atlas

    Thanks for the link! I’ve enjoyed following you. I especially liked the post about A Father & Son Motorcycle Ride 13,000 Years in the Making.

    Motophilosophy…does that make you a motosopher? 😛

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