My Photo Featured in American Motorcyclist Magazine!

I’m back in Chicago at my parents house relaxing on the back porch. I still haven’t changed over all my mailing addresses for my motorcycle magazines so I sit and catch up with the stack of 6 or 7 that my Mom has saved for me. I open up to the June 2008 issue of American Motorcyclist and see a “Snapshots” section in the index. “I wonder if this is the place where they post photos from readers, like I did a couple months ago,” I think to myself. I open up to page 10 and a *GASP* spills out of my mouth as I see my photo in the upper left corner.

This was taken somewhere in Idaho in the middle of a two-week cross-country trip from Chicago into Canada and then through the Rockies until I reached Phoenix. This image captures the sentiment of my travels: The road ahead is in my sights, but the road previously traveled is not forgotten. Then there is me, completely experiencing the present moment, which is what motorcycling is all about. — Bill Dwyer

I posted this photo a while ago after I was going through my photos and realized I thought this was “just another helmet shot.” I completely missed how the road bent in my visor. I just love this shot. I just wish I mentioned my website when I submitted the photo. Perhaps they would have listed it i the description. Oh well. Time to frame this baby!

  • Jason

    That is a great shot. Congrats on having your pic published. This is really your week, huh?

  • Maggie

    CONGRATS!! I have always loved that shot!

  • daniel

    “Bill Dwyer gives Jay Leno cycling advice. Page 42”

    maybe in august, billy boy. june was a little too chocked full of good stuff.

  • Honda Motorcycles blog

    OK, now this just makes me plain jealous!


  • Lee Stranahan

    Very cool – you want Leno to sign a copy? (I know – you should be signing HIS copy….but I can get Jay’s signature for you, if you like)

  • sheemelehaste

    Tahnks for posting

  • DashTube1

    Congrats man!!

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