My Long Way Round – Part 3

Origin: Medicine Hat, Alberta
Destination: Couer D’Alene, Idaho
Mileage: 500

It was day four of my trip and I already had to change plans. Due to the delays I encountered the previous day, along with the my chain that was continually stretching I decided to head to Couer D’Alene, Idaho. I was staying with a friend there. I wanted to see Banff National Park (just west of Calgary), but I suppose this gave me extra from to take it easy in the Rockies.

It was another hot day, at least in the 90s. Yes, hot in Canada. It was a surprise to me, and a burden in my luggage with all the cold weather gear I packed. I passed from Alberta, the “Wild Rose Country” of which I saw not one, into British Columbia. I could see the ridges of the Canadian Rockies in the distance which made me excited about the upcoming roads.

Just before I went into the mountains I passed by a hundred or so windmills. Some were small, but others like this one must have been 80 feel tall with 50 foot blades. I hear people in America criticizing wind power as a defacement of our natural beauties, but I found just the opposite effect. It seemed to accent the landscape with man’s fingerprint. When it comes to energy, man’s mark in nature is usually destructive. For myself, the view was actually enhanced while witnessing the natural landscape and a clean source of energy working in concert.

I rose into the mountains and was relieved by the cooler air. I had no reception all throughout the mountains that day and had tried to get in touch with my friend to let her know I would be there a day early. I managed to squeeze out a text message, but the only feedback I got was a missed call and a waiting voice mail that I couldn’t access. I passed back into the states through Idaho and got enough reception to find out that I would have a place to stay for the night.

  • Blue, The Special Needs Pony!

    I always wanted to see Calgary. More so, I always wanted to see Calgarian women.

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