My Goals for Future Worldwide Travel

I spend a lot of time reading, researching and day dreaming about a trip that is so far off in the distance that it hardly seems real. I hate to think of it as a “trip” but rather a change of lifestyle. I want to ride around the world one day; become a “full time traveler.” One might say an…Atlas Rider (sorry, I had to :P).

This dream is becoming more and more complicated as I dig into what that actually entails. One thing I’ve realized is that I need to start creating goals for myself. At this point I don’t need hard and fast time lines, but at list a list of priorities. At the end of each month I’m going to recap on my progress towards the following goals so that I can better judge where I am at.

Here is the short list of general goals that I want to work towards:

  • Finances
    • Sell car
    • Stop eating out so often and get off your butt and cook something
    • Seek out potential sponsors
    • Determine a realistic budget while on the road (average daily costs, motorcycle maintenance, emergency situations)
    • Save, save…save
  • Skills

    • Hone writing techniques to capture future experiences more accurately
    • Learn (and practice!) more about motorcycle maintenance to fix problems yourself on the road
    • Develop off road riding skills
    • Become a better cook (can’t rely on freeze dried packs from REI all the time)
  • Technology

    • Refine techniques and methods for blogging on the road to provide the least amount of latency between updates
    • Isolate points of failure to minimize complications with equipment and come up with a reliable and replaceable system to document journey
    • Determine method for blogging offline efficiently so as to not be tied to an internet connection
    • Automated process for uploading and publishing videos
    • Website overhaul to cater to aspects of the trip
    • Don’t burden yourself with technology!
  • Promotion

    • Continue providing content on to gain a significant readership before the ride starts
  • Motorcycle

    • Decide on a bike for future conditions
    • Buy bike
    • Prep bike
    • Test bike
  • Gear

    • Extend camping supplies to support indefinitely camping while on the road
  • The Route

    • Figure out where to go.

So there you have it. This list will continue to grow and be reshaped over time, but it is a start. Many of these items will not be addressed for a while (new bike for example). I have no delusions about when I will be ready to become a full time traveler. I estimate I will be in two years.

You can continue to expect ride reports, photos and videos as usual. I’ll still be getting my kicks on weekend rides or week long trips. I would also like to share my experiences from a planning perspective. I will be posting this index under my “Touring Tips” page as it develops more and listing related posts under each respective item so as to try and organize this wealth of knowledge I expect to encounter.

“How does one plan to travel around the world by motorcycle?” Hell if I know, let’s find out!