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If by sponsor you mean a company that gives you free stuff, then yes I have a sponsor :) A couple months ago I was contacted by Mad Maps where I was thanked for the kind words I gave about their product. Mad Maps produces maps that outline scenic roads and points of interest for people taking road trips like motorcyclists and RV folk or just plain old people in cars 😛 Apparently they saw one of my YouTube videos (check out the video to the left) where I was talking about their maps and how much I liked them. I was taking a trip to LA to see the opening screening of Sigur Ros’ Heima film when I came across a beautiful stretch of road (SR-23) just north of LA.

Anyways, last week I received the “California Tour Pack” which covers the whole west coast from southern California to Northern Washington. I almost wish they hadn’t sent me it since I find myself day dreaming about riding through California when I should be focusing on my upcoming trip to Mexico. I’m pretty impressed with the varieties and number of roads that are covered.

It comes in a nifty case that I will probably use for all my trip whether I have Mad Maps in it or not

The west coast is broken into four different areas: 1) Southern Cali & Southern Nevada 2) Sierra & Northern Nevada 3) Northern California 4) Oregon & Washington

Here is the whole western coast! This is only half of the maps as there is more info on the back. Mad Maps plans out their individual areas in loops. So if there is an area with a lot of good scenic roads it displays a loop that you can take, so it seems to be a good planning tool for those who like to pick a “home base” to start their day from and end at as well. I personally don’t get a chance to follow the looped routes in their entirety, but that’s because I am using blasting across the states trying to fit a week long adventure into a long weekend.

And here’s my cat Guff to give you some perspective of scale. Warning: Guff is fat and may give the impression that the maps are smaller than they really are

What can everyone learn from this? When you talk positively about products in YouTube videos, make sure to tag them properly. Mad Maps was obviously searching for “mad” and “map” on YouTube to see if anything was being said about them and that’s when I popped up. To recap:

Step 1: Talk positively about products.
Step 2: Tag accordingly
Step 3: Get free stuff! 😀

…I think my next video will be about those the new 2008 BMW F800GS 😛

  • cfarmer8

    That confirms it! I’m going place a order Great to see your getting something out of this

  • MMCatherine

    Thanks for again for the original video post, and now for this write-up! I especially like the use of the cat to provide perspective on the size of the maps. Hope they provide many happy (and safe) hours of riding enjoyment.

    Catherine, Marketing flunky at MAD Maps

  • Atlas


    So you’re on the west coast? Where about? Do you ride as well?


    Thank you again. It’s nice to see my lazy cat serving some purpose 😛

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