My First Couch Surfing Experience

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09-19-2010 – Texas, USA

P9195036I left my campsite somewhere between St. Louis and Dallas. I had arranged to stay at a stranger’s house that I got into connection with from I passed through the suburban streets thinking, the area was looking safe. I continued past the apartment complexes and the houses started to grow larger and larger. I turned down the indicated street and pulled up to this HUGE mansion! I checked and double checked my coordinates and address on my GPS, and sure enough, this was supposedly the place.

09-20 Leaving first Couch Surfing host that turned out to be in a MansionI meekly walked up to the door and rang. A woman answered, “You must be Bill! Come on in!” The inside was more breath taking than the outside. This couch surfing thing ain’t so bad :) My hosts were incredibly generous to open up their amazing home to strangers. They make no mention of the status of the house. They say that they like to make it a surprise, and it sure was! It was Sunday and they held a party the previous two days, so they were relaxing on the couch, watching Law and Order, each with their respective laptop, surfing Facebook and whatnot. We ordered Thai, chatted and surfed. It was just the kind of evening I was looking forward to. I was given the east wing of the house. Yea the “wing”. After three solid week into my unshaven face, I tried not to look like a scheming hobo thief.

09-20 The KLR and I hanging out at a coffee shopI was off to Austin where I was surfing on another couch. I didn’t have a whole wing to myself this time, but I had a warm welcome and a spot to crash in their living room. I really liked the feel of Austin. It had a hippie vibe to it, which I like. It didn’t take me long to find a comfy coffee shop to get some research and planning done before I crossed the Mexican border.

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  • rolly

    This journal is all well and good, but we were initially following the videos. Seeing as the videos are no longer being posted, we therefore would like to hear about where you are NOW, and what you may be doing NOW. You must consider the audience. If you are writing for yourself or for those back home, fine, but if you would like us all to keep following your journey, it may be prudent for you to focus your writing on things relevant to your viewership. 600+readers and 500+ followers would prefer this not lose its focus. Cheers,

  • AtlasRider

    @Rolly Understandable. Give me another week and I will be caught up with all my backlogged posts. Sorry for the lack of “realtimeness”

  • Mark

    I’m actually really enjoying this. It’s kind of like a movie that starts out in the present, then flashes back to catch you up, then continues on.

    Keep up the great work. Yours is the first blog I’ve ever followed and I’m really enjoying it!

  • Sack

    Man, your trip is really good, I’m mexican and now I watched your video when a transit officer take 100 USD from you. I feel very bad becase a Mexican will gave him just 100 pesos and scape from that, but you were a big shot for him, he knew from the begining that he can take a lot of money from you, defenitelly I will pass your website to my frinds, just for your information, here in a local news paper in Monterrey they are showing your video.

    Hopefully those guys will be fired, is just a meater of time.

    Take care.

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