Muddy Memories from Bolivia

Here is a rough day I had in Bolivia. It was adventurous, agonizing, and amazing all at the same time.

Getting through that day was hard, but looking back on it is great. The most challenging times are the most memorable. This photo is one of my favorites. I sank Jenny into a patch of mud that I thought would be a “shortcut”.

I’d like to thank for a free sample of their service. It came out really well and I’m happy having a 16×12 canvas print hanging on my wall to remind me of that day.

When I look at it I smile. Sometimes I cringe, but I always remember the day and the whole journey that changed my life forever.

  • whythedevilnot

    Looks like you had quite a day there. How was your ankle?

  • Atlas

    My ankle was 100% after a few months. While traveling I was always in my motorcycle boots. It was a good cast.

  • Bukco13

    I’ve done some long distance hiking (as well as motorcycling though nothing like this!) and on the trail we have a nickname for these types of days/experiences: second degree fun. Basically, the days, just as you described, where at the time it’s happening you don’t even know what you’re doing out there but looking back on it they’re some of your favorite memories.

    Great shot of the motorcycle there, looks like a dinosaur fossile the way it’s stuck in the mud.

  • David

    I can’t believe those people hit you! However I admire your understanding of why they did. Great job with the trip and blog! I was wondering what battery pack you have mounted to your handle bars and what is the reason for having it there? Keep up the good adventuring and best of luck with your future travels! I’m looking forward to reading your book Bill.

  • BudCAD Motorcycling

    Excellent site. I felt your pain. Great job with the trip reporting and the blog. Well done!

  • AtlasRider

    Thanks David and Bud!

    @David The charger I had connected was a regular AA Battery charger (4 batts). I had it connected on my handle bars so I knew when batteries were done charging so I could throw in another batch.

    ABC – Always Be Charging! :)

  • Sven

    Great Video great report! Thanks

  • Patricio

    Congratulations… You are doing what I’ve been always dreaming. Let me know when you are in Santiago Chile if you need help. Cheers

  • Biker

    Wow … this sounds like a really hard day. But the picture is great!

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