Motorcycle Vlogging at Pod Camp AZ

This weekend (Sunday November 15th) I will be speaking at the PodCampAZ UNconference here in Phoenix. It is a gathering of a bunch of technology enthusiasts, especially bloggers. There is a variety of aspects that are covered from all the speakers: video, writing, streaming, audio, mobile and photography. I have my hand in a lot of these different mediums so I will be discussing a lot of them.

Here is a summary of a session I will be leading:

Capturing the two wheeled traveling experience and trying to share it with the world. I love to travel solo by motorcycle. There’s something about this mode of transport that makes the journey incredibly visceral and exciting. Capturing this unique experience may be losing battle, but I try the best I can. Here are some of the topics I will be covering: Vlogging through a motorcycle helmet, Google Maps and YouTube video mashup, travel logs through Google Earth with video and photo layovers, geo-tagging, equipment and techniques.

I will be speaking on Sunday November 15 at 3:45pm to 4:45pm in room 203 at the University of Advancing Technology (map). If you are in the area and interested in what I have to talk about come and see me!

There are a bunch of other great speakers lined up as well. Check it out if you can! :)

  • D. Brent Miller

    Congratulations on presenting at PodCampAZ. These unconferences are a lot of fun and great for networking. I presented at WordCamp Columbus last May, and was supposed to present at PodCamp Ohio in June, but I took off on this little motorcycle adventure with a film crew on the Pony Express Trail!

    I’ll have to put Phoenix on my calendar for next year.


  • Diu Thaker

    It’s really a whole lot of fun.

  • crysohara

    Thank you for being a speaker at PodcampAZ. I hope you will come out and speak again. You were awesome!

  • Chuck Reynolds

    Thanks again for coming out man… sucks was a little light on ppl – lots left early sunday, thinking they got burned out after a long weekend.

    I also think with a better title than “motorcycle vlogging” we would have hooked more into attending – I verified that later after bringing up the talk and that’s also when @Gangplank tweeted about you too… something more like “geotagging content while motorcycle vlogging” or something like that… geotagging is big and is only just starting… I’d love to see more about that and the scripts / software you used to do it all :)
    See you around man

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