Motorcycle Touring Preparation

I did a “quick” video talking about all the gear that I bring along with me on a trip. I spend most of the time talking about all my electronic gadgets and what I use to document my trips.

So, after all that you problem thought I couldn’t fit everything right? Think again! Here’s everything all packed up. I actually had a lot more room that I thought I would have.

(Click for a detailed view)

I’m all set! I’m leaving at 4am on Saturday morning, the anticipation is killing me…

  • Kevin Lim

    Holy cow Bill, you look like you’re all set for war! Great video showcasing what you bring along your trips. I’m curious though, how do you mount your video camera while you ride? I notice that you wear able to swivel it around too.

  • Atlas

    I do feel like I’m going into battle when I am packing. :) I stuff my camera in my helmet while I ride. It is the simplest way to mount a camera, but I believe the best to combat wind noise, capture my voice clearly and provide a realistic view of what I’m looking at. I have some more details about my camera setup here

  • swampy

    Hello ! have a good time on your new adventure tommorow :mrgreen:

  • Atlas

    Thanks swampy. Off to bed for me. It’s going to be an early morning for me.

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