Motorcycle Show

I went to a Motorcycle Show on Februrary 11th in Rosemont. Overall it was pretty cool. People wore their motorcycle gear even though they arrived there in a car. If you are at a convention center filled with motorcycles, you might very well hate them, but if you are wearing leather jacket with armor inserts it screams “Hey this guy likes motorcycles and I bet he looks cool when he sits on his bike stowed away in his garages because it’s 7 degrees outsides.” (This mainly applies to sportbike riders since the cruiser style of leathers can still be your own personal style) I checked out an R6 felt pretty comfortable. The ZX-14 was a monster and I had to sit on it just feel how heavy it was. I wanted to sit on the bike displayed to the right, but they didn’t have a ladder set up. I got a good deal a new mesh jacket too. It’s a Joe Rocket Phoenix 3.0 model. Perhaps I will have to take a trip to AZ and try it out. I’ve got my first purchase out of the way, now I just have to get some Stomp Pads, throttle lock, frame sliders, tail bag and maybe a new exhaust and clip ons. On a completely unrelated note, my birthday is coming up on June 6th.

  • Gary

    If you’re thinking about getting an R6, I’d recommend it. I got one a couple years ago and have never regretted it – they’re really nice bikes.

  • Snikrep Nitram

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