Motorcycle GPS: Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx

Talking briefly about how my Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx performed on the road and what I like and dislike. I will be posting a more detail product review pretty soon.

This video is a part of a series of videos taken on a trip into Texas and Mexico. Checkout the following post for more details : Mexico Trip Itinerary

  • Sven

    Wow that is clever how you had the bike on the map move along at the same time as the video. How did you do that?

    I do have a “live” gps tracker which is kinda fun….but I’d love to do more interesting things with it.

  • Atlas

    It’s all done in javascript, so if you are savvy enough you can see exactly how all this is done.

    In summary though, I utilize the Google Maps API along with the YouTube Player API to trigger when the map should be updated based on the current position of the video. I log my GPS coordinates via my Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx. So I take that GPS data and sync it up with the time the video was shot. I note the time to myself as the video starts to easily sync it up. I’ve created a program that makes the whole process pretty easy. Of course you can check out They are doing exactly what I’m doing, but have a much easier process to achieve the same results. I want to maintain a presence on YouTube so I continue to do these “AtlasVideos” via my own programming.

  • mike connor

    I’ve been looking for a blog just like this.
    I bought my first bike, a Suzuki SV 650 last April and did my first big trip last summer. I rode from Boulder, CO to Black Rock City, NV (Burning Man) in 2 days. It really should have been a 2 day trip.
    I almost had heat stroke riding on 80. Another biker had to tell me to keep my jacket zipped up and to pour water down inside so as to stay cooler for longer.

    This morning i was reasearching the Garmin 60CSX. It seems to be the one to get for a bike.

    I like your riding philosophy. I’m now back in NYC and so many riders are all about fashion. I’d love to have the money to ride around and look like something out of a movie but i much rather ride a good reliable bike through the desert and mountains.

    look forward to reading more on your blog.

  • mike connor

    i meant to say that my ride from Boulder, CO to Black Rock City, NV (Gerlach) should have been a 3 day trip intstead of a 2 day trip. Would have been more relaxing.

    I highly recommend riding 40 west from Denver to the state line. Very nice two lane highway that passes through pretty small towns.

    80 across UT and NV… where kind of nerve racking with the trucks and all.. but what are you going to do.

  • motorcycle gps mount

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