Motorcycle Camera Mount

This sounds like just another way to mount a camera to your motorcycle but this method has a twist. I wanted to find a way in which I can take my camera and take pictures with a portion of my motorcycle in the shot. So basically I would have half of the picture showing my motorcycle and the other half showing some scenery or objects in the background. After a while I can take all these photos and run them together in a video which I think would be pretty cool. I have been racking my brain over how I would do this for a while now, so I delayed my riding plans today and decided to finally find a solution. After wandering around Home Depot looking for inspiration among the brackets and bolts I managed to rig of a “holster” to sit my camera in so I can ensure that the angle and positioning of the camera would be consistent.

This is only going to be used when I am actually stopped to take pictures. I place the camera in the holders and snap a photo. I spent most of the time ensuring that the bolts were incredibly tight and drilled some custom holes to ensure a stronger hold. Ideally I want this thing to last years, so it has to hold up to all the bumps and vibrations that I experience on the road. Hopefully I won’t have to perform too much maintenance or calibration very often. I couldn’t wait to try it out, so I just zipped around my parking lot and took some photos to test it out. Not bad. I’ll be sure it can maintain its position after I get on the highway for a couple hours.

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