Month Long Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Trip

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So I’ve been obsessing over the idea of taking a month long trip through the Rockies and here is Route #1. At this point I am overconfident, and concerned with hitting every attraction I can think up, so the route is pretty long. I had to split it up into two maps because I exceeded the amount of destinations on Google Maps. Yes, my trip has exceeded the limits that Google developers thought to be reasonable. Now things are starting to get crazy. So I am expecting around 8,000 miles total.

Originally I thought of just going thought he Rockies, but then I thought, “Hey Yosemite is close by, oh and then Google isn’t too far away from there, then I could go to Death Valley. Oh hey, might as well stop in Vegas.” What will I do at Google? Probably drive around the buildings, snap a couple pictures, and leer jealously at employees. Maybe I could ask them to expand the number of destinations that Google Maps can hold. “Hey, Phil, there is some guy that rode 7,000 miles on his motorcycle to deliver us a feature request on Google Maps, what should I tell’em? Phil:Call security…”

I got some good feedback for my last trip so I thought I would ask again: Does anyone know of particular places in the areas I am passing that is worth seeing? I am open to any suggestions, whether it be a road side diner that makes a mean omlet or a national park that can’t be missed. Also, have a place where I could crash for a night? I don’t want to spend a month in hotels since they are boring and expensive over time. I will be camping a lot, but I am sure even a couch would become very inviting after a while.

Rocky Mountain Trip

Rocky Mountain Trip

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  • Danielle

    ok what about coming home? or you gonna stay in phoenix?

  • Colin

    Damn that’s a lot of places. I’ll meet you somewhere in Montana.