Mexico Trip Itinerary

I’m off on the road for 10 days next week. I’ve got about 3,500 miles planned for the week, so it’s a fairly relaxed pace for me.

Here is my general route:

Here is my trip itinerary:

  1. Saturday: Ride to Dallas (1000 miles to complete Saddle Sore 1000)
  2. Sunday: See Radiohead concert (0 miles)
  3. Monday: Ride to Big Bend (600 miles)
  4. Tuesday: Ride to Creel (400 miles)
  5. Wednesday: Explore Creel area and make my way towards Guaymas (200 miles)
  6. Thursday: Check out a national park near by and ride to Guaymas(200 miles)
  7. Friday: Take a Ferry to Santa Rosalia (0 miles)
  8. Saturday: Ride north through Baja (400 miles)
  9. Sunday: Ride north through Baja (400 miles)
  10. Monday: Ride home to Phoenix (300 miles)

It is not set in stone but it gives a general idea of when what will happen when.

Things I want to accomplish:

  • Taking videos with my new GPS logger to upload “AtlasVideos” (YouTube and Google Map synchronization) when I get back
  • Testing out my new SPOT Satellite Messenger (expect a product review when I get back)
  • Get over the willy nillys and culture shock of foreign countries and understand that everyone isn’t out to get me
  • Try and speak Spanish to continue my learning of the language for future trips

My rear tire and brake pads are being replaced as we speak, so the rest of the week will be full of lists that are being checked twice and day dreaming of the roads ahead. I’ve got to say that I’m getting much better at this whole touring thing. I’m not nearly as panicked or stressed over the details as I’ve been int he past. I’m just anxious to get out on the road.

Wish me luck!

  • cfarmer8

    Looks like a blast, I’m jealous

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  • Maggie

    Wow, have a great time!! Can’t wait to read your trip report as well as see your vblogs!

  • Sarsar

    Wow I look back at this and which I found your video’s last year. I would have joined up with you in Dallas and tailed you to the border at least. Or maybe even tripped in. Well its been great watching your video’s and if your ever in Texas let me know.

  • Atlas

    @Sarsar Thanks, glad you enjoyed them. I’m sure I’ll be passing through Texas again!

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