Mexico Trip Intro

I’m back from my trip to Mexico alive and in one piece. Tons of stories to tell, pictures to post and videos to edit. It will take me weeks to get through all of it and I will be posting everything incrementally, but to start things off I threw together a series of clips of my journey. Stay tuned for more!

  • daniel

    it’s a goddamn cliffhanger, man.

    i was thinking how funny it would’ve been if you planned ahead for this “coming up…” video to say, really excitedly, “holy shit was that a fucking sasquatch?!” and then cut away really quick.
    just a thought.
    oh, and the still shot of the oil rig… that was a great shot. for serious.

  • Atlas


    I’m a terrible actor, you would see right through me, and that oil rig was pretty hard to find. I passed a hundred of them before I found one that I could actually gain access to, but yea I think it came out pretty well. I have some hi-res shots of it in motion as well that I’ll be putting up later.

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