Visiting Meteor Crater, Arizona

I’ve made over 100 videos of my travels over the past two years and typically I just post them on my YouTube account. In an effort to try an organize all this content I’ll be posting an index to list all the videos taken on a ride I’ve taken. So, here’s my video series of my trip to Meteor Crater.

Meteor Crater Series Intro
I actually make it to Meteor Crater this time. Pretty fun day, filled with nice weather, snow, me playing in the dirt and mud again, and of course, a HUGE freakin crater!

Atlas in the Arctic Circle!
I finally make it into the Arctic Circle and talk about my encounter with a bear.

Playing in the Dirt Again – Part 1
I take my lil Ninja off road again on the roughest terrain I’ve ever been on.

Playing in the Dirt Again – Part 2
The exciting conclusion of my off road rampage…DUN DUN DUUUN.

Arriving at Meteor Crater
Some closure from my “Playing int he Dirt” videos and finally arriving at Meteor Crater. Some facts about the crater and shots of it. Thanks for watching.

  • Kevin

    I love what you’ve been doing, and this crater series is a really exceptional piece! I’m exploring the realms of lifecasting, and love to see how it’s used in novel ways. Keep up the great work Bill! I’ll be watching you :)

  • Atlas

    If you liked this series, I think you’ll like my next. I’m in the process of uploading a 50 video series of my cross country trip last year.

    Thanks Kevin.

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