Meteor Crater Detour Video Series

I have accounts on YouTube and where I publish videos of my rides. This is a series of short videos I shot while trying to take a trip to Meteor Crater here in Arizona. The route I had planned would have taken me through 80 miles of dirt roads, which I wouldn’t have minded but I didn’t have enough time in the day to do it. So I explored some other roads just northeast of Phoenix near Cave Creek. Here are my videos from my Meteor Crater Detour series. I’ve included links for YouTube and LiveVideo for those of you who might prefer one over the other.

Check out the rest of my videos on my YouTube channel or my LiveVideo channel.

Meteor Crater Detour – Intro
MCD: Against the Wind by Ron Ayres
MCD: Endurance Rally Inspiration
MCD: Dirt and Sand
MCD: Wanting a Dual-Sport
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