Ride Reports

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When: 05/17/2008-05/23/2008
Mileage: 2812 miles
Description: A week long journey from Phoenix to Dallas and into Mexico to explore the Copper Canyon. My first experience in Mexico on two wheels.

When: 03/15/2008
Mileage: 412 miles
Description: A lot of great roads on the way to Sedona. I visit the area where Maynard James Keynes produces his own wine, ride through Jerome and Oak Creek Canyon. I enjoyed the journey more than destination.

Meteor Crater
When: 03/01/2008
Mileage: 395 miles
Description: Just south east of Flagstaff a crater almost a mile in diameter was formed 50,000 years ago in under 10 seconds. I take a ride to check it out.

Sigur Ros in LA
When: 12/06/2007
Mileage: 1200 miles
Description: I take a ride to LA to check out the screening of Heima by Sigur Ros. I take a ride the next day on the coast and along the Angel Crest Highway.


Thanksgiving in California
When: 11/21/2007 – 11/24/2007
Mileage: 2125 miles
Description: Stealth camping along the Pacific, Highway 1, Google, Golden Gate Bridge, Death Valley, Vegas and the Hoover Dam. An awesome four day weekend!

My Long Way Round
When: 08/23/2007 – 09/04/2007
Mileage: 4826 miles
Description: A two week trip from Chicago to Phoenix. I travel into Canada and zig zag my way through the Rockies until I hit Phoenix. An amazing experience which has single handedly inspired me to attempt more exotic international touring.

When: 04/28/2007 – 05/06/2007
Mileage: 2200 miles
Description: A week in the Appalachian mountains. My second trip to Deals Gap, and a beautiful ride up the Blue Ridge Parkway to Washington DC.

Deals Gap
When: 08/19/2006 – 08/21/2006
Mileage: 1400 miles
Description: My first trip to Deals Gap, home of the Tail of the Dragon. Had a minor crash, but all in all an awesome weekend!