Long Way Round – Part 7

Origin: West Yellowstone, Montana
Destination: Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
Mileage: 100



I arrived at Yellowstone before noon. The entranced consisted of four lanes leading to booths. Something you expect to see at Six Flags. On the way to Old Faithful I stopped at location that contained various geysers. A wooden deck snaked through the geysers which were all given names such as, Turquoise Pool, Jelly Geyser, or Red Spouter. After that I went to the Old Faithful site to watch it erupt.

I saw these two bikes parked next to mine after saw Old Faithful erupt. They are sponsored to ride all over the world. Check’em out at 2ridetheworld.com for more info. The majority of the park was devastated by forest fires. Half of what I rode through was nothing more than scattered rotten logs. I didn’t do much riding through the park so I setup camp early that day. I just laid in my tent, listening to Jim Gaffigan’s Beyond the Pale CD for the 10th time. I can only listen to so much music. Gaffigan and Hedburg were the guys I would “hang out” with so to speak.

It was ten o’clock and some people at the adjacent campground came back. They were making tons of noise and kept me up until midnight. Jack asses. In the morning they were still sleeping. As I packed up all my gear I fantasized about riding through the middle of their tens, revving my engine at 10K RPMs to piss them off. Unfortunately they woke up and I missed my chance.

  • jag

    Turn the volume up. I like the dibshit who said “Nineteen-hundred and twenty miles for this?” What a douche.

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