Letting Go of the Past

There’s been a lot of change in my life lately. I’ve recently moved to Portland and I’m looking forward to settling down for a little while. I lost a sentimental item from my trip and discuss some things I’m going through in this latest video.



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YouTube’s Automated Transcript

because there aren’t, uh… i’m kinda bummed out, all because are, notice for biliary last night, demand, at the table, on the floor, and, to live had before, you know about three years and, but i have had it on my way, my my trip, through central south america, and it was just this this thing there was always on my side and, from living in the desert i do is, gotten into the habit of always having a water source on the end, pose a remote areas it was, much more important, though is that that’s true, nurses ten cop on the bottom of that that, that i used for camping, repeatable saint john’s prettier, value is very told terry and and i used it, values the thing when it was four sec and learn, plays the tune cup, to uh…, of my text an end, one it was on sam, yeah i i, went back there like a recall, decides, measures that note i came back and, start asking around all of the more because the man, didn’t seem to really give a shit about my water bottle, flatly celebrates, we trivial things, tonight and i ask this one guy, has to give my card and say say you know i asked around, didn’t see it but if you find it to you, did he give me a call, and he said all alone, the i saw it last night i thought it was, and he paused, site was that important to know my while, well yeah a little bit, painfully character out of my co, my note that while having you know, you know it’s my fault for leaving it there in the first place but, but it’s kinda nice to know that, that it has been thrown out and i’m not too late, had some stupid, fantasy about, this uh…, martes reps, saying i mean, about it coming back in some serendipitous way and, if that’s what i do, and i came this close to going back at the restaurant, when they’re picked up for the government’s wiser than i, and then that would consistently room, garbage, the water bottle, you can get another one, letting go and on the subject, i wanted to, let’s talk some things out that’s been going through, through my head, for the past couple of, i have recently, move to portland, you know what it whenever you move to a new place you have to introduce yourself, forces you to, uh… to sound hours, let europe plow because whenever someone, i have no idea, whenever i’m introducing myself from strangers getting familiar with someone, reveres or whatever, olivier viewer what’s your story, saying that you can’t have that, still rather, here has since then, throughout their life, but i was only there for a couple more, get my shit together, but i was living in philly and, or that i was traveling, inevitably that uh… traveling markets what people would focus on, and it’s something that i’m not focused on, or at least not focusing on earth, lately because i had a really identify myself traveler anymore, uh… i spent a lot of time, traveling, actually doing it for eight months having coming back for the past year and, a half, right there now, i’ve been writing about writing a book about it and so uh… that the book is, that a lot, has been a really good at, putting some closure of that, contact chapter of my life and um…, that’s what i’m getting at their word, letting things go, and i guess i’m just, trying to find a new identity, represents like hapless writer um…, david now i, you know that those would be a part of me in, there’s gonna be another trip, it’s not going to be anytime soon but, but events and they’re saying, report c_n_n_ and go up there some other someplace other, bomb experts usually, fits the pattern with me i stay for, i’ll i’ll get sick of the place, four tickets defeat majesty chicken out, and um…, elise i’d like that to be the pattern, them soria letting go of water bottles, lingo of, perhaps, histories, identities really, should not take out a like i’m not, another guy anymore and, i mean there’s remnants of that, that guy who took that trip that was, doing that thing, and i don’t know i think it’s, strategy would be a little sad to hear, constantly rehashing, this amazing period in my life, as if it was like, eight game back in high school and i was like this, quarter pat chris’s, rehashing high school, for a moment sent, and uh… i i just really don’t want to do that because uh…, palos, there was a nice fellow is like, was in india, days so degraded survives here, that’s for another time but, yeah i’d it’s just uh…, and i want to be a kind of our rehashing, about something that happened aspen, doing that when he returned now because, nothing good has ever happened to be sent, and i i i relate portland in general, have become you know i could hear it if you like home, i look forward to exploring some of the roads around here it’s going to be rainy, but, i really don’t mind during that’s cute, pigs small, big medium and small played out, back to that effect, it’s you guys again enough in a little while, stuck together

  • CBarton1

    Letting go of the past! I hear ya, man. This might make you feel better. Check out http://tinyurl.com/8sn89jm They also have some pretty awesome power sports videos here: http://tinyurl.com/9b7uemo

  • CBarton1

    Letting go of the past! I hear ya man. This might make you feel better. Check out http://tinyurl.com/8sn89jm They also have some pretty awesome power sports videos here: http://tinyurl.com/9b7uemo

  • http://twitter.com/EBikerLeather The Crew

    Good post, I have done a post way back on this but it is always good to refresh the post. Thanks for great post!

  • Mark Smith

    This will set us free.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lauren.gill.35 Lauren Gill

    Thanks for the reminder. Letting go is how I remind myself that nothing stays the same. I’d love to show you some of Oregon’s awesome roads!

  • cargarl

    great video. don’t worry about your water bottle.. u had your time together. i bet he didnt even throw it out mayb his daughter is using it at school.. hehe. waiting for the next post!!

    check out great V-Twin Exhausts here for your bike.

  • Bucky

    Hello Bill,

    Just checking in with you.

    In Portland, now? Quite a number of changes of venue for you in the last few years.

    I see you still have the 650R. Me too. I have been riding more locally than you, but have put on quite a few miles in 5+ years.

    I’m keeping my Bucky’s Ride blog up about every ten days. http://buckysride.blogspot.com/

    Stop in for an update.


  • AtlasRider

    That’s right Bucky. Good to hear from you! Nice to see you’re still out riding and writing.

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