Learning to Cook for the Road

Lately I’ve been cooking more. Actually I should say that I’ve altogether started cooking instead of eating out, or eating leftovers from eating out. I have absolutely no cooking sense. “They have yellow onions? I thought they were just white…” I’ve been using AllRecipes.com which has been pretty handy. Its comforting to know that hundreds of people have used a particular recipe and rated it with 4-5 stars before I go and actually make it.

What got me started was the realization that if I’m going to be on the road and camping for 6 months, I should probably learn how to prepare a few different meals. Ingredients will vary from region to region so learning a wide array of meals should hopefully cover most circumstances.

Then I realized that Ara from TheOasisOfMySoul.com has a bunch of recipes that he uses while on the road. He’s a professional chef and traveler, the best of both worlds. So I tried out his recipe for Pasta Carbonara and it was delicious. It was easy to make at home, and I can see myself making this while being on the road.

Do you have any favorite recipes you cook up while on the road?

  • http://www.theoasisofmysoul.com Ara & Spirit

    What an HONOR… truly! Looks great…
    Oh! in another couple months more recipes will be added. Besides you and another reader not many takers on a informal cooking/riding/driving/photography weekend. I think close to bigger cities would be better… BUT… do not despair… You will want to come and visit us in Terlingua soon… why? surprise!!! A “physical” location for “The Oasis of my Soul”… very exciting…
    Hope to see you soon and always “thank you” for your kind words.
    Be well… Ara & Spirit

  • Nutrix

    Cooking for the road? I think you’ve got to keep it simple, I would imagine carting ingredients around on a bike would use up valuable storage space not to mention the stuff going off!

    I’ve spent time travelling (back packing)in several countries on several continents and have found that ‘street food’ is the cheapest way to eat. In most ‘poorer’ countries street vendors offer food to suit the budget of the local population. I would advise only getting food that has been cooked by which I mean, stay away from salads or anything that might have been washed in the local water.

    As an American you will find Europe has a very high cost of living so a bit of ‘self catering’ might help out – but only buy enough for a couple of meals at a time, and eat out once or twice a week.

    In the UK a cheap B+B (bed and breakfast) will cost about $40 so that would be classed a luxury I guess. If I were you I would use the website to rally support from subscribers and find a few strategic places you can stay (and have a good feed!) Your welcome to stop with us for a couple of nights if your travelling through England at any time.

    Anyway back to food — beans and freeze dried meals – dull but practical

  • http://www.atlasrider.com Atlas

    Perhaps you’re right. I could see myself eating “street food” more often if it is cheap since ti would be much easier. I would like to be able to cook my own meals should I be off in very very remote areas.

    I appreciate the offer to stay with you! I do hope to get some support from my readers when I do plan to take the “big trip”. I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback so far from readers, so a year or so from now I hope to expect more help from everyone. After all, I feel like everyone here online is a part of the journey when they watch me ride :)

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