KLR Rattling Apart

I got a surprise this morning on the way to work as my left foot peg gave way (see left image). A bolt had fallen out and the peg swung down towards the ground with a couple inches of clearance. Last week my hand guard bolt had rattled loose as well (see right image). I had always spot checked bolts on my Ninja 650r to see if they had become loose over time, but then never had. I eventually got out of the habit of even looking. With a single cylinder thumper it’s not quite the same as the Ninja. I’ll have to keep an eye out for these things more often. I’ll probably start Loctiting every thing in sight one day.

  • http://hburgninja.blogspot.com/ HBurgNinja

    Also check under your tank and around the wiring harness for chafing of electrical wires anywhere along the frame. Two VA ADV guys were chatting about it stranding them recently. Keep em coming Atlas!

  • Danny955i

    The KLR is a rattly little bike. 3 things you should consider before a big trip. 1. Corbin Seat: They make it in 3 different styles, but the solo-saddle is by-far the most comfortable with a lot of lumbar support. The KLR stock seat is garbage, you can feel the plastic pan in about 15 minutes. 2. K&N Air Filter: This will smooth out a lot of the bike’s low RPM chatter and create a world of difference all through the rev-range. 3. Switch to Kawasaki fully Synthetic oil. It’s green… so don’t get freaked out once you pour it in. But this, too, will subdue a lot of the motor’s quirky, ATV like, nuances.

    Other than that, Loc-Tite, and locking washers are your best friend. The next thing you may rattle off your bike will probably be 1 of 4 things. 1. Stump-shield. 2. Brush guard on the radiator. 3. Side-panel screws. 4. Handlebar mounting straps.

    Good luck with her! I’ve had one for 3 years now along with my Triumph Tiger and they’re a fun little bike… Also, consider going up a tooth on the front sprocket if you’re planning any long-haul highway riding… More than 15 minutes at 75mph is a chore on that KLR!!!

    Ride safe!!

  • http://www.atlasrider.com AtlasRider

    @HBurgNinja I think the previous owner already remedied this by putting one of those wire sheaths over those wires, but I am going to double check now!

    @Danny955 Thanks for all the feedback. A K&N Air Filter is on my list. The seat isn’t really all that bad for my honestly. I did a 3,000 mile trip on it and I was ok.

    Hmm, going up a tooth is a good idea, because yea, at 75 MPH she does buzz away like hell.

    Thanks for all the tips!

  • http://www.AFewMoreMiles.com Ben

    Gotta love that KLR! I know actually what you’re going through. I’ve ridding mine from New Hampshire and am in El Salvador now (unfortunately broken down with a possible busted CDI – not fun).

    I’ve lost many bolts along the way. Every time one falls out I put a new one in with loctite. Best to do this before your trip!

  • http://www.atlasrider.com Atlas


    I sure will. Just been reading your blog. Very nice! I will be following your journey. Good luck!

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