Jacqui Van Ham and Vintage Motorcycle Touring in Europe

Jacqui Van Ham is a vintage motorcycle enthusiast currently touring around Europe. I’ve been following her travels for the past couple months now. She has interesting stories and great photos of the places and events she visits. I think she’s worth checking out at TheVintageAdvantage.com. If you find yourself anxious to see the next new post from her, or even that the bright smile of her’s brightens up a crappy day of yours, then consider contributing to her ride to keep those wheels rolling down the road. Gas ain’t cheap in Europe.

With my ambitions of world wide travel Jacqui’s an inspiration to me. Way to live the dream Jacqui!
Ride safe.


  • rick

    Perhaps you guys could hook up and make it a family affair! I have been following her as well. Pretty good stuff.

  • Motormeissie

    The link to her site should be http://www.thevintagent.com

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