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Longtime readers know how much I loved the 2009 and 2010 Overland Expos. Roseanne Hanson from Overland Expo asked me a few questions about my travels to Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.

You can check it out the interview here:

A side note, I will be speaking at Overland Expo 2011 in April. Check out for more details about the expo. It was a HUGE inspiration for my current travels, and perhaps it can be for you as well.

Here is an excerpt:

We met Bill Dwyer—known as AtlasRider on his popular YouTube channel—at the first Overland Expo in 2009. Bill was preparing for a trans-Americas ride and impressed many of us by taking his street bike through the dual-sport riding course. After another year of preparation (including buying a KLR650)—and a stint teaching video-blogging at Overland Expo.2010—Bill took off for South America this August, and hopes to make Ushuaia in 8 months. He’s currently in Guatemala, and took some time for an interview. You can read the whole interview on our website (click here), but here’s an inspiring excerpt, when asked if had advice for others dreaming of overland adventure travel, Bill said: Ignore those who think you’re crazy or reckless. Prepare for the potential, like rain, flat tires and food/water for breakdowns, but don’t over-prepare. You’ll probably only know where the balance between these extremes are a couple months after you start. Your mixture of anxiety and excitement means you’re on the right track. Set a date for departure, and just go!

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