Interview With Kevin Lim

I sat down with Kevin Lim to discuss various aspects of my video making process and some of the challenges I face. Kevin does a lot of work with video and lifecasting, to bring experiences to a wider audience. Given these similar goal we had a lot to talk about. Check out our interview here:

Interview With Kevin Lim

Kevin had many interesting questions and comments that illuminated the subject matter of capturing experiences through video, like creating granularity in the visual media. Kevin’s site definitely has a home in my RSS Reader. His experience and thoughts on visual media gives me a moments pause to consider the better ways to share experiences online.

Thanks Kevin!

  • Kevin

    Bill, something I haven’t elaborated to you is my past experience with scramblers. I used to be in the military which had me on overseas stints, so I’ve ridden in wonderful places like the Australian outbacks and the cool highlands of Taiwan. I srly can’t wait to get a bike of my own and re-experience it. I’m learning much from you. Thank you so much for sharing all this :)

  • Atlas

    That sounds amazing Kevin. Mordeth13 is in Taiwan and makes a lot of videos from there. There are some mountain roads he rides on (a couple hours south of Taipei I believe) that perhaps you might recognize?

    There are a lot of great roads in your area. The Blue Ridge Parkway is one of my favorites. Hope you can get back in the saddle as soon as possible :)

  • daniel

    it’s good to lay eyes on you, again. you know, like see you move and talk, instead of gmail or comments or text messages.

  • Kevin

    I’ll have to check it out one day :)

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