International Motorcycle Show Coverage, New York

We had a great time at the show. They are still touring around the country if you are itching to sit on a bunch of bikes and drool over others. Check out the International Motorcycle Show site for more details

  • KnollNomad

    A 250? Jenny had more than twice the displacement.
    Happy trails to you and Beth.

  • Atlas

    @KnollNomad Yes, more than twice the displacement, and almost weight too. She was too big for me to control confidently.

  • KnollNomad

    I’m surprised the XT250 is not liquid cooled, maybe
    good because it’s just another liquid to leek out if it gets a hole in it.

  • F4MU5

    its so purdy, man i can’t wait until the weather is nice again so i can ride my bike. that red bike is pimping

  • munchkin

    Looking for a battery for dad’s bike and found you. ¬†Cool!!!!

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