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I’m finally getting to decorate my apartment after six months. The bare white walls were feeling like an institution. So, what better to spruce up the place than a picture of my favorite road along the coast of California. I’ve been getting pretty handy at making my own frames. I just take a big 1/8th inch think board to act as a backing, cut, stain and seal some molding, and put it all together. I’ve already saved a couple hundred dollars doing it myself.

(Click for a larger view)

That’s the Bixby Bridge near Big Sur on the Pacific Coastal Highway (Highway 1). As I was browsing through various motorcycle related prints on I came across this panoramic and a sudden “Ah Ha!” moment came over me. I remember the moment I rode over the bridge quote vividly. I was rockin’ out to Do Make Say Think, with the “Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!” track on repeat for an hour. Enough of that, you can read about that day’s travel on an older ride report located here. Now I’m left wondering what my next print will be, hmm :roll:

  • Blue Pony

    That’s awesome. That’s a cool photo too. Good luck.

  • kfallscody

    Wow that is a good print. Most everybody, including myself, that I know who has gone up highway 1 finds the Bixby bridge to be their favorite.

    I always found it interesting how the bridge is curved, you don’t see that very often at all.

  • Atlas

    I really stands out among the rest of the sections on the coast. I love the photo. I can still remember going over that very road. Makes it all the more enjoyable to look at now.

  • Anonymous

    Did that ride with a buddy on rented harleys. I was grinning ear to ear the entire ride.

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