I’m Naked!

Had to replace a bulb for my head light. So I had to take off all the fairings. I’m kinda digging the naked look. I have been having some electrical problems lately. I thought it was due to a dead battery so I bought a new one. After a day the battery was dead again so I think there is a draw somewhere. Unfortunately I don’t know how to find it or diagnose the problems. So, back to the shop again! This will be the 3rd time in a month (front wheel replacement, and fork bearing adjustment). My clutch, chain and sprockets need replacing too, but I finally got my hands on the service manual and I’m going to try and tackle these myself. The Ninja is turning into a chore lately.

  • dadickin

    Sad to hear you are starting to have problems. I have an ’08 (lime green) that I have had naked a few times, first time to home-patch the fairing buzz, then again to install a Stebel air horn. Rode it for a few days naked and was amazed how much extra wind there is without the fairing; this is my first and still only bike so I don’t have much to compare it to. I only have just under 10,000 miles so I have had no real problems (going to get my first new tires this month). How many miles do you have now? It

  • http://www.atlasrider.com AtlasRider

    I have just about 50,000 on it. This is actually a picture from about 6 months ago when my stator went bad. Decided to post it anyways.

    Yea the fairings to protect you from a lot of wind.

  • http://rynoweb.com Chuck Reynolds

    It kind of looks like a ducati… almost… well not so much :)

  • Tech172

    If you want to learn how to perform basic electrical diagnosis email me; it’s really not that hard.

  • Sidtacular

    Sucks you are starting to have issues with the ninja, I’m at 27000 and not had any real issues yet outside of the mysterious cutting out on the summer 4200 mile trip, but that’s a good 8000 miles ago so who knows….. Sure glad I opted for the 5yr unlimited mile warranty…

  • Maina

    Really positive that you have a sense of confidence to troubleshoot your bike’s mechanical problem. For your case did you Start by removing the headlight. Then at the back of the headlight, you will see your plug. Follow the wire that connects to the plug. As it makes it way to the wiring loom, look for any broken or exposed pieces of wire.Examine the plastic pieces around the headlight plug and bulb. If you find the plastic is burnt, or the contacts are dirty, replace the damaged parts.

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