Ikea Helmet Hook Hack for Two Bucks

The streets are littered with abandoned Ikea furniture and it is raining. BILLY bookcases are melting away. I pass by dying LIATORPs and TRAFAST frames. It’s a particle board blood bath out here, but I am on my way to Ikea to buy more and continue the circle of life.

I passed by some RIKTIG curtain tie-backs and had an “Ah ha!” moment. Those are PERFECT for helmet hooks. At four bucks for a 2-pack it’s a steal. Looking for a place to hang your helmet? Check’em out.

  • http://keepyourskin.com Deborah

    Okay that is great! I am guilty of buying products form Ikea and having some of them end up in a truck to take to the dump. This is a great idea for helmets! Thanks. I will be making a trip to Ikea.

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