I Own Ninja650r.com, Now What?

Last night I wanted to buy some new bars for my Ninja since they got bent up in the high side I was involved in last week. I instinctively typed “ninja650r.com” to go to my old favorite forum to try and find the old posts I made about the bars I had bought over three years ago.

I was shocked to see that the domain was no longer registered! Well, not incredibly shocked. The previous manager of the forums wasn’t very dedicated. Since then Ninja 650r enthusiasts have moved on to BRP’s Forum who runs a great shop where I bought some replacement parts. Has always been helpful to me with my questions throughout the years. RiderForums.com seems to have a fairly significant section for 650r owners to talk as well.

So ANYWAYS, I don’t really think I should start a new forum, because there is already a wealth of knowledge out there in existing forums, but I didn’t want the domain to go to waste and be bought up and parked. So that leaves me wonder what I should do with Ninja650r.com.

Perhaps it can be a central hub for photos, videos and stories about people’s experiences about their Ninja 650r. I don’t know. I’m in no rush to do anything with it right now. Just going to think it over, but I welcome suggestions from you guys.

What would you like Ninja650r.com to represent?

  • proptied

    How about a giant collaboration of 650R information… sort of like other websites’ Wiki pages (for example the FAQ section at ninja250.org). There is so much information out there it would be great for it to all be in one spot. Links to both BRP and RiderForums would be cool too! I think I’m on the 650R section of RiderForums every day. :)

    – Mike (09 650R)

  • Ninja

    Forums rocks if you can generate traffic

  • http://www.thunderous71.com Thunderous71

    Ninja650r.com – Its not porn but it might as well be, pics of the bikes and the riders that ride em.

    BTW you still heading to the UK in April?

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