I Bought a KLR!

After months of sifting through used ads I finally found a KLR that I decided to pony up the money for. It’s a 2001 and has 15,000 miles. Numerous aftermarket mods that I was planning on doing myself already. Ironically, the bike has Alaska plates. Looks like I’ll be taking her back home! :)

I am super excited. Getting a new bike is pretty much better than Christmas for me. A new ride to get used to, new offroad adventures and skills to learn. I was getting kinda bored with my Ninja actually. It will feel good to feel like a noob again.

Also, next week I will be taking a 10 day road trip through California to see the MotoGP race at Laguna Seca. Then I’ll be heading up to Portland, and maybe catching an Andrew Bird concert in Berkley on the way back. More on all this later, but in the mean time here’s a video of me riding the KLR for the first time:

  • Ben

    Awesome! I’ve been following your site for a while. I too am planning a South America expedition leaving later this year. I picked up an 01 KLR last year and she’s ready to roll. Best of luck. I look forward to following your progress.

  • HBurgNinja

    Now that you have a KLR, check out ADVRider.com – you would be amazed at the information and ride reports involving KLR’s to all over the place. I’m HBurgNinja

  • Nutrix

    Hey Atlas, nice bike!

    You’ve probably come across this site before http://www.garagenight.tv
    Amusing and informative videos on bike maintenance by some experiences motorcycle adventurers.

    Thought it could be useful


  • zypp33

    Great, you found one! I bet you’re slightly surprized at how good that type of bike is on corners ! And the sitting position is so good.
    Why do so many of get stuck on sports /tour type things? Look forward to you personalizing it for your trip.

  • richolsen

    Great bike! youll have a ball!

  • http://suzukiscooter.blogspot.com John McClane

    I’m jealous. I was checking out KLRs on the net only last night.

  • http://thephotoway.blogspot.com Bill Allen

    Did you have your KLR lowered? I think we’re about the same height (5-9ish), but when I tried sitting on one, I could barely get my leg over, let alone get both feet down solid. In any case, it looks like you’ve found a pretty cool enduro.

  • buebo

    Doesn’t look bad for a KLR :)

    Actually I’m kinda envious that we don’t get them here in Germany. I don’t think it would be exactly my peace of cake but I’d sure like to try one out some day!

  • Nathaniel

    I know this post is old, but it is funny because I had almost the same exact experience when I purchased my KLR for the same exact trip. It was a 2001, green, with 13k miles, and tons of mods I wanted to do. Got me all the way to Ushuaia, though with a couple hiccups along the way, to be expected.

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