How to Disappear on Your Motorcycle

Last week I was featured in a segment of Motorcycle News called, “The Rules.” I had a nice chat over the phone with Steve Farrell about my journey through Latin America. After I hung up, I realized I had been yammering on for 45 minutes. It’s hard to shut me up when I get to talking about these things, but Steve was all ears. Here is an article he produced and 10 rules he deduced for his piece. Hope you enjoy!

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  • Julie

    I’m wondering what your pared down post-trip supply list looks like, I’ve enjoyed your blog so much. I’m so proud of you, and I don’t even really know you. Nice article, it should be a nice launch to the next destination.

  • Elmer

    Love your vlogs. You Inspired me to explore the world in a more open minded way. Thanks Atlas.

  • Paul Lynch

    this is awesome

  • da Geezer

    Looks like solid advice to me. Well done.

  • Elaingray


  • CBarton1

    Great read! Very informative. You’ve inspired me to do this one day! Here’s another cool place to talk about similar topics:

  • nazibuddaula

    Check chain spoket regular, mobil check regular, chek your motorcycles tyre regular, use helmate, now moder situation use GSM security system

  • Snikrep Nitram

    This is not only interesting but also amazing. You mean you can experience a lot with your bike if you really want to..

  • BikerKarl

    Nice, I have never hooked up a helmet camera before, but that is on my to do list. I think one backwards would be a great high speed recap. Ever tried it?

  • Tapizar moto en Barcelona Barc

    A great experience

  • Paul Jr.

    The most interesting part is the helmet camera. It was really helpful in your experience. Bad cops should be punished according to the law of any state. I’d love to have this camera myself and also if you are a pure biker, you would love to have a biker t-shirts.

  • Christian

    Man, I have just discovered your blog, I didn’t know about it. Good luck with your “adventures”, I love the way you combined riding with blogging and making money out of it 😉 Good luck and keep riding!

  • John Keith
  • WC Allen

    Your observation regarding setting a deadline is probably the truest of all observation. “If you don’t do it, you won’t do it!

  • AtlasRider


  • AtlasRider

    True story.

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