House of Cards at South Mountain

Testing out a new camera angle. Still working on the shakes, but overall I love this perspective. I think I’ll try riding with my helmet pitched down so you can see the road ahead through my visor. Good demonstration that you do in fact go where you look. Look through those turns everyone!

  • Sven

    I love it. Nice look, like you said it’s a shame you can’t always see the road in the helmet.

    Have you seen the downhill bikers view they sometimes give? With the camera attached to the helmet but FACING the helmet like you’ve done? It’s a very weird but cool perspective.

  • zypp33

    Brilliant , mesmerizing ! The visor view is like water parting on the prow of a boat.

  • AtlasRider


    Yea I think I’ve seen that. It is weird. The head is fixed but everything else is moving.


    That’s a beautiful way of describing it!

  • OldRider

    I find your “original” camera angle much easier (and more interesting) to watch. This new point of view gets tiring very quickly.
    I’m sure you’ve watched the “Long Way Around” ( and Down)series.They made too big a production out of their travels, but interesting anyway.
    Lois Pryce’s “Lois On The Lose” is the tale of her
    Alaska to South America trip, which you should read.Not only for enjoyment, but the knowledge to be gained.She’s also done Africa solo.
    Good luck on your preparations and the trip!

  • Atlas


    I did read Lois on the Loose. I loved it. I have a review here.

    I don’t do this angle very often, and try to keep this kind short, but I loved this song so much I decided to stretch it for 5 minutes.

  • webwarr10r

    Nice video! Great match on the music. However, I’d stick with a forward facing mount instead of on yourself & the reflection on your helmet. Although it’s an unusual angle, which I liked, I would’ve changed up the view part way through the ride so the perspective is fresh.

  • Bud

    I’m sitting watching the rain sheeting down from the hills. There’s been about 5 dry days in the last month. You’ve just reminded me of why I ride.



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