Google Maps Adds Terrain Elevation

The Google Maps team added a new feature that shows the contours on the terrain view of their maps. The closer the lines the steeper the grade. This is accompanied with elevation values. This is intended to be used for people hiking or camping, however, I couldn’t help but let out a *gasp* when I read this news.

I spend a lot of time scoping out new roads to ride on, and typically all it takes is the discovery of a squiggly line to get me travel ridiculous distances to just “check it out.” Three weeks ago I decided to take route 60 east to Show Low. I left Phoenix where the temperature was 85 degrees. Three hours later I was winding around roads at 8,000 feet and 40 degrees. Had I known that I would have packed my neck warmer and some warmer gloves. So this feature is absolutely awesome for planning motorcycle trips. Now when I visit these unfamiliar areas I can use the elevation data provided on Google Maps to dress appropriately. Thanks Google!

Original Post: Last summer, somewhere in the Adirondacks…

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