Getting My Bike Back

I was just about to write a sad sappy post about how I have to spend another weekend cooped up in my apartment while my bike is in the shop. My lil Ninja developed an oil leak due to a bad head gasket and water pump. A lot of work had to be done on it, and a one week estimate turned into almost two. I received a call from an unknown number and in my typical fashion I googled the digits to determine who it was. The search results returned the name of my bike shop so I frantically checked my voicemail. My bike is ready ahead of schedule!

I’ve developed a relationship with my mechanic over the past 8 months and I act like a paranoid mother with her first born. “Is she going to be ok? When will she be ok? I read all the books, performed all the preventative care, how could this happen?!?! Should I go easy on her for the first could hundred miles?” Ok maybe that last question isn’t quite analogous.

Gotta go, I’ve got rides to plan for the weekend. Woo hoo! 😀

  • cfarmer8

    Cant wait for more :)

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