First Trail Ride on a Dirt Bike

I take a minor spill towards the end. Not bad for my first spin on a dirt bike. You can tell I’m not used to it since I am looking so closely in front of me. I look forward to hitting the dirt more often. This was part of a riding course held at the Overland Expo. Kind words of encouragement at the end by Tom Collins.

  • Anonymous

    your 1st time riding an offroad bike :mrgreen: Your on some rough ground aswell 😯
    Go for it!
    I find standing up gives the bike a more planted feel aswell…straight steering…pushes the weight down more on the bike and better view :smile: … your legs and feet can steer the bike. keep the speed up.
    And your riding with lois pryce! who I saw just a few weeks ago filming with her husband austin vince and buddies …..IN ENGLAND THE UK!…
    Good luck 😀

  • Mtnseeker1

    The first dirt bike I bought when I was 12 and had a night janitop job was a little Kami 100 5 speed. The first lesson my father gave me about sand and loose dirt was to simply go faster.
    Helps to stay on top better an gives you better control.

    Love your vids. Keep up the goo work and thank you for sharring.

  • Belina Jonas

    ha, great video! I have been thinking of getting a street legal dirt bike but don’t know which one to get. I read that the smaller ones are better to start out on.

  • Byvaliy

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  • Sharlet

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