First Military Checkpoint

About 50 miles into Mexico and starting to get into the rhythm of riding. I was very nervous before I was heading into the border, but my paranoia slowly drifted away and I began enjoying the ride. I’m on my way to Creel and the Copper Canyon.

This video is a part of a series of videos taken on a trip into Texas and Mexico. Checkout the following post for more details : Mexico Trip Itinerary

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  • GAS2HI

    I’m wondering what sort of video setup are you using ? I’m looking into all the brands ans mounting setups. I use a digital camcorder mounted on a RAM mount and just can’t get away from the vibrations at HWY speeds. Also, what sort of MIC setup are you using ? Nice work with the Google Maps tracking with Video. I’d like to do that on my site.
    PS: One of the videos you did on the Ninja 650R was very useful in helping me decide on my next bike. I’m a proud owner of a Black 09 650R now.
    I almost forgot to ask… did you make any changes to the seat for the long rides ? I made a 10 Hr run to the ” Pig Trail” in Arkansas. (most of it in the rain) and my butt really took a beating :)

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