Extraordinary Trips by Ordinary People – Overland Journal Article

The 2011 Spring issue of Overland Journal has an article titled “Extraordinary trips by ordinary people” by executive editor Johnathan Hanson.

A couple traveling by a Sprinter van around the world, another couple in Latin America by an FJ60 Land Cruiser and myself with Jenny, my KLR650, are featured in this article.

Here is a small excerpt:

After 20,000 miles, 15 countries, and 196 days on the road, he was nearing Ushuaia when a broken luggage mount precipitated the final crash of the journey. Motorcycle sold, plane ride back north. But what Bill’s trip proces is that every one doesn’t have to reach some physical goal to have been worthwhile. As Bill put in his blog:

‘To say I loved every moment would be lie. Overcoming all the challenges wasn’t always fun, but the journey has been amazing.’

And that’s just what a journey should be.

I’m a frequent reader of the Overland Journal and I teach a couple seminars at their annual Overland Expo that they setup every year. It was a thrill to be featured in their magazine.

  • Box

    I honestly swear every time I get an E-Mail from your website, a wave of happiness hits me.

  • http://www.atlasrider.com Atlas

    @Box That’s quite possibly the greatest compliment I’ve gotten. Thanks :)

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