Etymotic ER6I Headphones

When I started riding two years ago I never would ride and listen to music. I was a newbie and needed to focus on the road. But after about six months I started wearing headphones while riding. I can say with confidence that I wouldn’t have racked up 30,000 miles on my 650r if it wasn’t for my music because it makes the experience so much more enjoyable. So, I am happy to report about how great my new Etymotic ER6i headphones perform.

The ER6i’s sound is much better than my Sony MDR-EX51 with a lot more bass. It comes with two flanged set of plugs to fit larger or smaller ear canals. They felt weird in my ear and I could tell that wind noise would leak through. BUT, they also come with foam plugs which are essentially ear plugs with a hollow tube for music to travel through. These block out everything and are incredibly comfortable. My old headphones would give me sores on the inside of my ears after wearing them for 10 hours, but these are all foam so there isn’t any hard plastic that comes into contact with your ear. If you don’t wear earphones then you should at least use earplugs as they will reduce fatigue and give you more range on the road than you thought you had. They also include two small replaceable caps that secure to the ear bud fixture to prevent ear wax gunking things up. They go for $75 on and make a great upgrade from those cheap pairs.

Thanks goes out to Bluepoof for blogging about them and to Sport-Touring.Net‘s forums which provided a lot of feedback about them which convinced me to get them.