Essential Compact Motorcycle Luggage

I keep these bags on my motorcycle at all times in case I need to carry something. They are small enough to stow away, but big enough to actually be useful. I’ve carried over 30lbs of groceries in the REI Stow Duffle. The specific products referenced are located here:

REI Stow Duffle

Granite Gear Air Grocery Bag

If you are interested in different kinds of Tumi Luggage you might wanna check out one of our supporters at Luggage on the Web.
  • Jeffry

    That’s why I never bother taking the luggage off of the Concours. It’s just easy always having a secure dry place to stow the helmet and jacket.

  • Maina

    Great article! you may also want to get more insight here at Motorcycle Luggage .Fundamentally its all about your preference and the purpose you have in mind for the luggage.If you have already decided on this two factors you already have the ideal luggage for your bike.

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