Eliminating the Penny

New Video Mapping Features!

  • A path is draw to represent the duration of the video.
  • Replaced the default icon with a nifty motorcycle.
  • Added ability to drag and drop the motorcycle marker to skip ahead in the video.

P.S. I’m going to work on the layout of the videos next so I can display them at their original size.

Just another vlog while cruising through the White Mountains. Should the penny be eliminated? Here are some arguments why it should be. Which do you like better, paper or coin currency? Who can tell me what the bumper sticker I came across means?

  • Maggie

    Sweet! I love this new vlog+ Google Maps! I have learned so much from your site! Thanks, Atlas!

    LOL, Get the F over! Thank you! SOB!! LOL LOL!!

    The bumper sticker, who knows, I don’t get it either!

  • http://www.atlasrider.com Atlas

    Thanks, glad to hear you are enjoying the new video and map views :)

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