Difficulty Picking Up a Dropped Bike

First time I drop my KLR in a spot where I have a hard time getting it upright again. I didn’t intend on this being informative, just entertaining to watch me struggle, but it seems like feedback from people have showed otherwise. Hope this is helpful to anyone who is wondering how to pick up a bike much larger than themselves.

  • Poustman

    One of the most pathos-inducing bike-related videos I’ve ever seen! This kind of reality is one of the reasons I like your blog, Atlas. It is novel-like in its bare depiction of the humanness of riding.

  • Bryan N.

    I enjoy watching your videos and commentary of your rides is very insightful. However, this is a very lite motorcycle, might need to work out.

  • buebo

    If you’re not afraid of scratching your bike (and it is – after all – a KLR) then just release the baggage, grab it by the front wheel and drag it around so that you don’t have to struggle against the decline.

    Anyway, what does your bike weight when it’s ready to go?

  • http://www.atlasrider.com AtlasRider

    @Poustman Thanks, that’s what I was going for :)

    @Bryan Might need to shutup.

    @buebo Yea I’m not afraid of scratching it really. So it wasn’t a big deal dragging it around. It’s about 500 pounds with a full tank and gear.

  • http://www.buckysride.blogspot.com Bucky


    I am skinny, not very muscular, and 30 years older than you. When down, my 650R is too close to the ground to sit against the seat and lift, so I pick it up by the frame and handlebars while facing it. That is not the way they recommend, but it works.

    I have also begin a weight training program to gain strength.

  • Eddie

    I feel your pain :)
    I layed down my Full dress VT750 Shadow ACE in my yard one night coming home from work. I’m 48 Years old 6’3″ 240 lbs and the grass was so slick I thought I’d never get it up before someone saw me. Luckily It was at night when this happened :)

  • http://www.torqsworld.com Torq

    As Eddie said, I feel your pain Atlas and I did have a little chuckle at the vid as I was in a similar position recently when I dropped my fully laden Vstrom weighing in at about 270kg in a similar situation.

    I tried the usual back to back technique which usually works but not on this occasion so I resorted to something I saw in the BMW off road skills video recently: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpv3R4Nwy0g

    This technique allowed me to pick pick my bike up straight away (bear in mind i’m only 5ft 9″ and weigh 12 stone). Watch from about 14 seconds in on the vid and you’ll see what I mean (basically grab the dropped side grip with both hands and lift). Might be worth a try if you find yourself in a similar situation in future.

    All the best, Torq.

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  • john black

    Hi Bill,

    Saw you on HAK5 recently and this video brought tears to my eyes — I was laughing at your expense. I am so glad you shared this experience with us (in HD no less!) I saw the human struggle with machine and nature (gravity and prickly weeds). Keep up the great work and more videos like this!!! You made my day dude!

  • http://www.bikerhiway.com Motorcycle Safety Gear

    Great video, equally entertaining as informative. I have quite a few of my customers ask me for advice on what to do if they have to drop their bike. Thanks.


  • http://weroam.wordpress.com Darek

    Lift with your back not with your knees!

    Wait, what?

  • jlaulett

    I’ve got sympathetic back pain after watching this video. I dropped my bike on a gravel road just a month or so ago. I was exploring a nature preserve on the west side of IN called Falls Creek Gorge ( the Potholes to the locals). I was hiking when it started thundering and scurried back to my bike, was chugging along in 2nd gear when I saw the gravel change to huge rocks on a curve. I lost my nerve and let off the throttle too abruptly, started lugging and stepped off the bike like a matador. I struggled for awhile like you did, but finally had to admit defeat and hoof it looking for reinforcements. I found a couple of people to help me lift it, but I doubt whether I’ll ever ride on the giant rock gravel again. I have to recognize my limitations.

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