Devil’s Highway Photos

Went for a ride along route 191 in Arizona, also known as the “Devil’s Highway.” The weather was pretty bad so the curves were not as fun as they could have been, but overall it was a good trip. My Aerostich Roadcrafter held up against the rain. I didn’t spring a single leak, which I was worried about. So now I can ride into storms and be confident that I won’t get soaked. I’ll have a full writeup of the trip later along with some videos, but until then here are some pictures:

  • rick

    Nice stuff! That area is certainly beautiful. 😆

  • Sven

    Wow it looks amazing. How the hell do you get so much time to travel?

    I’m very jealous.

  • Atlas


    I squeeze in a lot of weekend trips. I really don’t have much time off of work to travel as much as I’d like to.

    Sometimes I come to work on Fridays with all my gear packed already. At the end of the day I hit the road and ride through the night. You can utilize that night to get 400 miles out of the way if you really want to get somewhere. That leaves you 2 full days of exploring in the morning.

    The time is all around you. Just a matter of utilizing it :)

  • Brightsway

    That pic looks scary for a car let alone a motorcycle…

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