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My blog entries from this point will not be in serial time. I’ve written so much in my notebooks. Looking at it all is difficult for me to find a place to start, so I plan on writing whatever strikes me at the moment. That’s been the general attitude of this trip all along.

08/23/2010 – Phoenix

First day of the trip. The years of preparation, mentally, practically, and financially have all come down to this. My girlfriend Beth had to leave for work that morning. I watched as she performed the tasks of her morning routine. Panic was starting to set in with the completion of each task. They represented the next step closer to our separation for the next eight months.

She grabbed her keys. Our eyes already shrink wrapped in tears, we said our goodbye. We kept ourselves composed until were out of each other’s eyesight, and mourned privately.

I had spent months strategizing about the decoupling of my responsibilities and attachments. Sold my car, found a home for my cats, moved my apartment into storage, and quit my job. The split between Beth and I was harder than all the aforementioned combined.

I made one last visit to see my cats and then to the Cartel, my coffee shop I spent endless hours at. It seemed like the appropriate place to depart from. After one last cappuccino I was on my way.

My KLR’s headlight was on even though the keys were not in the ignition. One hour into my departure and I am already having problems, great. I took the bike to my local mechanic that I developed a relationship with over the years. The main system wire had melted together with my headlight lead. That explained the headlight issue. They didn’t have the proper wiring harness so they improvised with two harnesses intended for a jet sky. I finally hit the road.

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  • elviaje26

    dude, you need to post some videos, we haven’t really heard from you since Mexico City.

  • NathanN

    Good writing, I was starting to miss your trip updates.

  • Juan Carlos

    When I wanted to ride the Argentinian desert part of the Andes I started by renting a mototbike in Chile and then crossing the border along the ride touring with other people that hired the same service ( The beauty of this trip is something you can only experience when you live it. JC

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