Close call

I take the expressway to work every morning. Traffic flow is pretty fast, but there are a decent amount of cars on the road still, so I’m weaving in an out. I came up to a semi in my lane, along with a car behind that semi, and had the option of changing to the right or left lane. I attempted to change to the right when a car in front of me decides to do so as well. So I change into the left lane, and the SUV in the lane is breaking hard. I’m going 80, the SUV is along side of the semi’s cab, so I have an average trailer length to stop. Having all this happen a 1/4 second after I leaned to change into that lane, I continued traveling through the lane on a slant. I slam on my rear break, and probably slow down to about 60 before my rear tire locks up. My tire skids out from under me to the right and I immediately let up on the brake. I couldn’t stop in time so I end up splitting the lane and flying by 2 cars. I think my rear wheel locking up might have helped saved me because it pointed my bike to the left so that I could split. My biggest mistake was favoring the rear brake more than the front though. Oh and not being such a squid in heavy traffic too. Adrenaline was racing and my heart was pounding like hell after that. After I regained some composure I couldn’t help but let out a “Whoo!” Just a reaction to the severity, intensity and yes, even the excitement of the situation. I don’t almost kill myself every morning, although most would disagree if they saw my morning comute. At least it was an interesting morning.

  • Potter

    What!?? Why would you post a story highlighting your ridiculousness and stupidity where I can READ it!?!? WHY?!?!

    Anyways, I can see your house on my commute in the morning and I wave to your cat who is usually waiting for me. You may be confused as to which cat. It’s the fat one…

    We bond.