Chrome Boris Backpack Review

I was sent a Boris Backpack by Chrome while I was traveling in Latin America. From the website the bag looked really nice and I was excited to test it out in person. After two months of use here are my impressions of it.

  • Great for an urban lifestyle where walking, public transportation or motorcycle is how you get around
  • Despite huge compartment space, pockets can keep small to medium sized items organized
  • Snug straps for use on expressways while riding
  • Water resistant while walking, but gets soaked while riding
  • Keep some waterproof bags with you if you encounter rain to wrap your electronics in
  • Heavy construction seems like it will last for years
  • Fits motorcycle gear like my Aerostich Roadcrafter, helmet or boots (not all at once though)

Overall I’m really happy with the bag. If it were waterproof it would be perfect for strapping on your shoulders or rear saddle for long trips. As a day bag around the city for running errands and carrying large items or loads it’s great at what it does.

A video demonstrating some common uses I’ve found particular to motorcyclists
Some “action” shots
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