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08/25/2010 – Denver, USA

IMGP9683I got off the slab (interstate) and took 285 to Denver where I stayed with a friend. She and her house mates were getting ready for Burning Man. So I kept out of their way. They invited me, and I was really close to going if it weren’t for the 1,400 mile detour that would have been required.

08/26/2010 – Kansas, USA

Today was all business. After a good night sleep on an actual bed I hit the road and wanted to make a big dent in the 800 miles to St. Louis. I planned on riding through the night until I was too tired. As dusk began I noticed my headlight was out. So much for riding through the night. I pulled over and made camp in some brush between cornfields. Motorcycle camping gives you so much freedom. Go anywhere and erect your home. Tear it down and repeat the next day.

P8274702I woke up to the dawn’s sunlight and the bitter Kansas cold. I watched the sunrise for the first time in months. I replaced the blown headlight fuse and was on my way.

08-27 First tip over in KansasI attempted to climb he berm that formed the ditch on the dirt road I camped along side. I was too apprehensive, and hesitant and the bike fell over flinging me off like a rag doll. I laughed at myself and wrestled the bike upright. I gave it one more shot, riding through the half foot tall corn field I scouted for an easier spot to climb over the berm. There was none. I circled around and finally made a bee line for the ditch at speed I was wholly uncomfortable with, all the while shouting, “Commit, commit, commit!” With the throttle wide open and anxiety ridden nerves I made a proper climb and an inadvertent “Woo hoo!” fell out of my mouth. It’s the small victories that made difficulties like this worth it. I not longer really see them as difficulties, merely opportunities to see what I am capable of.

I made it to St. Louis that evening where I stayed with some good old friends for the weekend. I made it to Chicago the next day.

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    do you think you’ll be hitting seattle area ?

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