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Letting Go of the Past

There’s been a lot of change in my life lately. I’ve recently moved to Portland and I’m looking forward to settling down for a little while. I lost a sentimental item from my trip and discuss some things I’m going … Continue reading

Crashing in Colombia

On my way to San Agustín, Colombia I hit some dirt roads. They are not too challenging but I screw up on a section of track that was more slippery than I imagined. I turned the bars slightly and after … Continue reading

You’re Lost. Now What?

It happens. We get lost. We lose our cool. Here are some tips for navigating confusing foreign lands. Continue reading

How Twitter Helped During a Roadside Motorcycle Breakdown

Some scary stuff happened on I-81 last year. I talked about it in my article titled, No Shoulder to Cry, on Interstate 81, in a lot of detail. Here I tell a shorter version that displays the helpful nature of … Continue reading

“Against the Odds” – A Week in Bolivia

I keep coming back to Bolivia. It was the most difficult time for me throughout Latin America and one of the most rewarding time because of it. I told a story at a thing here in Philadelphia. Here’s a video … Continue reading