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Motorcycle Scrollbars

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AtlasRider Featured on the Hak5 Show

I recently sat down with Darren Kitchen from Hak5 to discuss how I merge video and mapping together to create what I call “Atlas Videos”. Hak5 is a weekly video podcast distributed through the Revision3 network. The Hak5 show focuses … Continue reading

Odometer Counter

I was logging into my Gmail account tonight and I noticed the storage counter on the login page. I always get a kick out of this and think it is neat how they have the amount constantly increasing. Then I … Continue reading

Google Maps Adds Terrain Elevation

The Google Maps team added a new feature that shows the contours on the terrain view of their maps. The closer the lines the steeper the grade. This is accompanied with elevation values. This is intended to be used for … Continue reading

First Week with my GPS Logger

As mentioned before I bought a GPS logger, and it has been about a week since I’ve been using it. It has performed pretty well. It is pretty accurate, but it seems like it jumps all over the place when … Continue reading